What I do: I take your shared photos via email & work my late night painting magic to create family keepsakes that resemble you and your loved ones. I work closely with each family keepsake, which makes each and every order very personal to me.

Why I do it: Although there are a lot more options for all types of families today than ever before, I still feel like there are so many families who are not being represented in the market. I want to provide a solution to that gap.

Whether you want to include a same sex couple, religious dress, loved ones who are no longer with us or Elvis Presley, (I’m not kidding I really have done this) I can make that for you.

My Mission: To dismantel the traditional box that families are forced into by society views, one custom family keepsake at a time.

How I started: I was looking for a wedding cake topper for my own wedding in 2017 and quickly realized the options for my family were very limited. I have a son from a previous marriage, so all of our last names are different, which eliminated a lot of my topper options on Etsy. My son has long hair so, traditional gender silhouettes don’t represent us very much either. I decided to make my own cake topper that would actually represent us. I posted a photo of my finished topper to my instagram and was overwhelmed with the positive feedback. I started making them for friends and family. After a really busy Christmas season in 2018, I had the validation I needed to start thinking of this hobby as a business. The rest is history!

A glimpse into my home:

My current work space is a table located in the middle of my living room. I keep it in there because id miss out on all our family movie nights, otherwise!

All frames and bases are made in my basement by my husband, Jared. He’s the best!

I have two boys who are NUTS but, I love them so much & my oldest is without a doubt my biggest fan.


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